Native English (SEO) copywriter.

Native English (SEO) copywriter.
Lesley Langelaar-Thomas;;copywriting;seo;content creatie;seo content creater;translater;native english;Machteldstraat 12 3223 HJ Hellevoetsluis (NL)

Lesley Langelaar-Thomas, Native English language (SEO) copywriter at


A native English (SEO) copywriter, I run a dedicated text agency specialized in online and offline copywriting.

For more background information about Lesley Langelaar-Thomas, please see Ingrid’s blog.

Copywriting services

Looking for (SEO) copywriting services? A native English copywriter?

(SEO) copywriting plays a crucial role in content marketing. Let Stars & Tulips help you:

  • identify the unique characteristics of your business
  • define your target markets
  • write copy that matches your target audience
  • engage your readers, motivating them to take action.

Stars & Tulips writes native English copy for multinational, international and local SME Dutch companies, including communication/media agencies and publishers. A background in market research also gives Stars & Tulips an edge when it comes to communicating your message in the most effective way possible.


SEO copywriting

No time for (SEO) copywriting? Need help in writing (SEO) content?

Writing (SEO) content requires more than just getting your message across quickly and effectively within the restrictions of a single computer screen. People read differently on the web (mobile, tablet), and (SEO) copywriting is a skill unto itself.

I highly recommend Lesley to anybody who needs an expert language professional to add real value to their business.

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