Need a technical copywriting coach to help you improve your English-language copy? Having trouble writing technical product and service copy?

Technical copywriting coach for technical experts

I have translated many difficult technical texts into (online) copy that is easy to read. Over the years I’ve realized that hiring a copywriter is not always the right solution. This comes from my experience working with technical companies in fields such as: maritime, oil & gas, building and renewables. Often outsourcing your copywriting is the right thing to do, but there are situations in which this is not the case.

Sometimes investing in your own in-house (technical) writing skills is a better strategy. For instance, when it is hard to find a copywriter who can write on the subject because the topic is extremely difficult to understand. In this particular case, improving your in-house writing skills might be a better approach than outsourcing copy.

Why hire a technical copywriting coach?

  • You’re not a native English-language speaker and your job requires you to write technical copy.
  • Your marketing and communication department wants to improve its technical copywriting skills.
  • Your company wants technical copywriting done in-house.

All good reasons why you should seriously consider a copywriting training.

Tiptop technical copywriting tips for better copy

Learn how to write engaging and valuable content readers want to respond to. You can start by reading my copywriting blog posts: “Help, I have to write technical product copy” and ‘’Easy SEO copy tips for products and services”.

Need more help? A copywriting buddy (one-on-one copywriting personal training), a workshop or an in-house company training? Then contact Stars & Tulips ( for more information now.

Why wait, when you can reach your readers today?

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Technical copywriting coaching
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