Leading US copywriter Richard Armstrong’s Sea Turtle Rescue Fund letter is one of my favorite fundraising direct-mail letters. It’s a compelling and convincing story about the plight of Florida sea turtles which unfolds on four pages.

The technique used is one you don’t often see in direct-mail copywriting: drama. Armstrong describes it as a “little soap opera playing out right before your very eyes.” Read this letter (www.sofii.org/node/591) and you’ll want to donate to this fund.

Written a couple of decades ago, this direct-mail letter could be mailed today and still work. It’s a classic without a shelf life. Not only would it still work, institutions involved in fundraising and grappling with the economic crisis, should consider using this approach in supporting their causes.

Social media is all about connecting and conversing with people. What better way to reach and convince donators than by telling them an engaging story. Create a ”little soap opera” for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn fans, and see what happens.

By: Lesley J. Langelaar-Thomas
Your English language copywriter in the Netherlands

P.S. Read Richard Armstrong’s ”My First 40 Years in Junk Mail”: www.freesamplebook.com.

Copyright photo, Rob Kimball