Copywriter Lesley Langelaar-Thomas at Stars & Tulips, photo: Dianta Weeda, The Roar

Copywriter Lesley Langelaar-Thomas at Stars & Tulips

No time for (SEO) copywriting? Need help in writing (SEO) content?

Writing (SEO) content requires more than just getting your message across quickly and effectively within the restrictions of a single computer screen. People read differently on the web (mobile, tablet), and (SEO) copywriting is a skill unto itself.

The goal is to write an easy-to-read web page that anticipates a user’s questions and needs. Google used to focus on individual keywords.  Now content which addresses the meaning behind a question is more important. Hire a native English copywriter to produce excellent content so that your customers’ experience when visiting your site is positive. 

Stars & Tulips is a one-stop web text writing, translation and editing shop. We will even go the extra mile (or kilometer if you are European) to find you an experienced, cost-effective designer to make your website as up-to-date and attractive as possible.

Why wait? Let Stars & Tulips write your native English (SEO) content now. Easy-to-read content that remains true to your company image and voice.