Oil & gas companies can make a big leap forward by embracing a good content marketing strategy. ‘Many in the industry refuse to “meet people where they are at” and demonstrate the true (and nearly miraculous) value oil and gas brings to the world.’ As Vice President of Marketing and co-founder of Castagra Products Tatsuya Nakagawa remarks in drillinginfo ‘there are still only a handful of companies in the oil industry that really push the marketing boundaries…’

The offshore oil & gas industry lags behind other industries when it comes to social media engagement and content marketing. Conducting a Google search on the topic is comparable to searching for a needle in a haystack. Among the needles, which I prefer to refer to as pearls, are blogs by TwinEngine (14 Trends in Online & Social Marketing in 2014), Tribe Rocket (Oil and Gas News Alert: Industry Turns Down Billions in Profits) and drillinginfo articles.

Traditional versus content marketing mindset

James Hahn, owner of Tribe Rocket, sums it up nicely in The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Oil & Gas Operators Make, ‘…our industry is at an inflection point. New technologies aren’t just changing the way people live, they are changing the way they think. And you can’t play ostrich and ignore these facts anymore.’

According to James Hahn, ‘People in oil and gas tend to have a very traditional mindset that says, “I need to meet people in person to build relationships and grow my business.”’ Understandable, but if your business contacts are building relationships using social media, your first encounter with them might not be face-to-face.

Social media is also a cost-effective way to reach a large target group. Take LinkedIn for example. ‘Compared to running content in a traditional publication, like The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business, Huska* says LinkedIn can provide reach without any wastage, a pain point for clients in industries like oil and gas or business-to-business technology that look to target a very specific niche.’ 

Best practices oil & gas social media

For inspiration, see:

• Tatsuya Nakagawa’s examples of top content marketing cases: 4 Ways the Oil Industry can Create Raving Fans & Brand

• successful social media cases of four trailblazers (Statoil, Shell, Chesapeake, Payson Petroleum)

TwinEngine’s list of the top 100 oil & gas companies involved in social media.


* Armin Huska, Digital Managing Director at Mindshare


Image courtesy of Ryan McGuire, Bells Design (https://www.gratisography.com/). An incredible source for free images.