Help, I have to write technical product copy

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Your boss just walked in to say that you have to write copy for the company’s website. It must be compelling and convincing while triggering the customer to respond. The problem: you’re a Dutch technical expert, not a writer. And, the technical product copy must be in English. Technical product expert, novice writer Your first reaction is ‘huh?’ You were hired for your knowledge and skills in an entirely different...

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Mobile copywriting: cutting copy to convert

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You have a small rectangle in which to write a story. Your mission: fill this LED-lit object with simple and concise words that convert. The stopwatch ticks. Eyes focus on the centre upper half. Just like an agile whitewater rafter in the Grand Canyon, your (first) words manoeuvre and propel them further. Over the next paragraph, and the next. Until they reach the finish line. A finger presses a button. Whew. Mission completed within eight...

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Need a quote now? Please use the contact form below to ask Stars & Tulips for a quote. We’ll contact you once we’ve received your request. Stars & Tulips looks forward to hearing from you!         Your Name (required) Your Email (required) CopywritingTranslationJournalism Quote...

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