What do copywriters have in common with teachers?

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Quick Quiz: comparing copywriters with teachers I put Heather Dodd’s comparison of these two professions in an infographic. But, I left out four other things this teacher-turned-copywriter mentioned in her article on teaching and copywriting. Can you guess which four other things teachers and copywriters have in common? Write them down, and then click the button below. Or read Heather Dodd’s article ‘How I transitioned from...

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Empower your English

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There’s always something right about your writing. But maybe you’re not achieving the English-language targets you’ve set for yourself. As a copywriter-turned-teacher, I can help and support you in achieving your English-language communication goals. (I still write copy for businesses, but I have expanded my services to include teaching as well.) This could be the right moment to sharpen your skills. I’m here to help you...

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Easy SEO copy tips for products and services

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Want to write better online product and service descriptions? Here are some helpful writing tips I received from Dutch SEO trainer Bob van de Vooren. This article handles the building blocks of good web copy. Much more is involved in writing for the web, but these tips will get you started.

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Mobile copywriting: cutting copy to convert

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You have a small rectangle in which to write a story. Your mission: fill this LED-lit object with simple and concise words that convert. The stopwatch ticks. Eyes focus on the centre upper half. Just like an agile whitewater rafter in the Grand Canyon, your (first) words manoeuvre and propel them further. Over the next paragraph, and the next. Until they reach the finish line. A finger presses a button. Whew. Mission completed within eight...

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Provocative punctuation marks

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It might not have grabbed your attention, but apostrophe abuse has been in the news lately. After the results of an apostrophe survey were made public, blogs on the topic of the apostrophe surfaced once again. According to the survey carried out by IT firm SpinVox, nearly half of the 2000 UK adults tested were unable to use the apostrophe correctly. Apostrophe makes headlines Just consult a couple of English language style guides and you will...

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