Keeping readers continually engaged is a real challenge. To publish content consistently, you often need dedicated writers. The big question is: are you going to outsource to an agency or do it in-house?

When your service or product goes unnoticed

If copy isn’t written well, it can be frustrating for the reader. Having to scroll down a couple of paragraphs to find the leading paragraph is annoying. Vague or complicated wording is irritating. You can count on them switching to another social media or blog post.

The result: your compelling new service or product goes unnoticed. All that work for nothing. And competition is fierce.

Creating content effectively and within budget

Clients, especially in technical fields, wrestle with this. They know the subject matter and their products well. But what if their own employees lack the skills needed to produce good copy? What is the best plan of action?

According to Kerry Jones, an agency is probably the best bet for lower volumes of work. For large-scale content marketing projects, in terms of budget, it might be better to manage these projects in-house.

Additional employment costs such as recruitment, benefits, employment taxes and overhead, could mean that working with an agency is a better option. An agency might be able to provide a greater ROI in the long run as well.