When should you outsource your copy?

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I follow a number of copywriters and one of them is well-known American copywriter Bob Bly (www.bly.com). I certainly enjoyed Bob’s last piece on “Should you write your own copy?” Bob explains that business owners and marketing managers who fit three criteria often produce copy which is better and more successful than professional copywriters. You are an excellent copywriter. You enjoy writing copy. You have the time to write...

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Fundraising and sea turtle drama

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Leading US copywriter Richard Armstrong’s Sea Turtle Rescue Fund letter is one of my favorite fundraising direct-mail letters. It’s a compelling and convincing story about the plight of Florida sea turtles which unfolds on four pages. The technique used is one you don’t often see in direct-mail copywriting: drama. Armstrong describes it as a “little soap opera playing out right before your very eyes.” Read this...

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