Discover the right keyword phrases: think like a reporter!

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Do you have an awkward feeling that your website’s keyword phrases¹ could be better? Can your target audience easily find your website? Looking for some handy tips? Well, I am certainly game for any new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copyediting or writing² suggestions. In creating the right keyword phrases, SEO consultant Jill Whalen’s advice is to think like a reporter. In her handbook “The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the...

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Pep talk for a healthy economy

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My newspaper has shrunk due to fewer advertisements. Hardly a trend which makes me feel happy, but I do try to see the upside of having a more compact daily. For one, you can proudly say that you read the entire paper. For another, you can probably take for granted, that only the most important news is being published. And if the news is for the most part negative, it may not trouble you as long, because the amount of time you spend reading has...

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